Menixis Limited (formed in 2011) develops products for small particle microscopy.

Based in Dunedin, New Zealand Menixis has three founding shareholders: The University of Otago (via its subsidiary Otago Innovation Ltd), Dr Stephen Sowerby and Techion Group Ltd, a commercial animal diagnostics company with a 20-year trading history.

The Menixis Technology employs an elegant method for the quantitative accumulation of particles in diagnostic sample for digital imaging in a single field of view enabling simplified post-capture identification and analysis. For further information see: PCT/NZ2010/00015; NZ Granted Patent 578644/579316; Sowerby, S. J., Mirams, G. J., Hill P. C. and Paulin M. "An axisymmetric meniscus converges particles for microscopy", Journal of Microscopy Volume 244, Issue 3, pages 230-234, December 2011. This paper can be found online:

The Menixis Technology is a disruptive technology that replaces the technically challenging, hands on diagnostic sample processing by traditional microscopy and presents an opportunity for remote location diagnostics and raw data archiving.

The primary development and commercialisation of the technology has been in the field of veterinary parasitology for faecal egg counting in Techion Group's products and services range.

The technology also has broad applications in other types of particle analysis such as pollen.

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